Hosting Joan

The Visionect Software Suite (VSS) server is one of three components of the Joan system that serves as an intermediary between Joan devices and the preferred calendar solution, making sure your devices are working properly and displaying the correct calendar information on displays of connected Joan devices.

As such, it is crucial to have a hosting option selected, in order for the Joan system to operate.

The VSS server supports two types of hosting:

Hosting Joan in the cloud

A hassle-free, simple, safe, and fully managed infrastructure option of integrating Joan with your calendar solution. 

This option allows Joan to be hosted on our top-of-the-line Visionect servers. Meaning that you never have to worry about set-up, updates, uptime, and maintenance – we take care of everything.

Joan in the cloud is available for all subscription plans. If you are interested in learning more about what features these plans have to offer, click here.

Hosting Joan on-premises 

Joan can also be hosted on-premises for a higher level of control over your Joan devices, however at a certain maintenance cost.

On-premises hosting requires companies to run and maintain their own servers and calls for more advanced IT personnel, qualified to deploy the on-premises server and manage it.

More about on-premises hosting here

This hosting option is available for all subscription plans. For more information about the available subscription plans, click here