Prepaid subscription codes

Prepaid subscription codes are an alternative solution to paying your subscription if you are not able to pay with your credit card.

Think of them as virtual prepaid cards.  Each code, when entered in the Joan Portal, creates a new non-renewing subscription based on the code (subscription plan and number of units). Codes are created in the same way for renewal, first-time purchases, and additional unit purchases. The subscription activates when a pre-paid code is entered. Customers will have multiple billing dates, based on when they will enter their prepaid code.

We have prepared a few questions and answers to help you understand what prepaid codes are and how they work:

How do I acquire a prepaid subscription code?

In order to purchase pre-paid codes, you will need to contact your preferred reseller. They will provide you with a code which you will be able to redeem in your Joan Portal.

How do I top up my account with a prepaid code?

Once you have purchased a prepaid code from our sales team or from your reseller, you can now redeem it in the Joan Portal:

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Joan Portal account with your account credentials
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” page via the top navigation menu
  3. Select “Plans & Billing” from the left-hand side menu
  4. Under the “Edit payment details” section, you need to select Payment via reseller and type in your code
  5. Once the code is typed in, click “Save
  6. The Joan Portal will process the code and once successful, your subscription will be activated

How do I track my current subscription balance?

Once your code is saved, your subscription will be activated. You can check the current license status by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Joan Portal account with your admin account credentials
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” page via the top navigation menu
  3. Select “Plans & Billing” from the left-hand side menu
  4. Click the Change button for the subscription you want to check
  5. You will be shown how many licenses were purchased and how many licenses are active

    Room booking:

      Desk & Asset booking:

Can I refund my prepaid codes?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive a refund for prepaid codes. Once you purchased a certain amount, you will have to use it. 

What happens when I add or remove a device or user inside the billing cycle?

When you remove a device or a user inside the billing cycle, the license of that device or user will be released. This means that you can use that license for a new user or device.

Automatic user license deactivation - User licenses will get automatically unassigned from a user when they’re not using the service (not opening Joan web or mobile app) for more than 60 days.


Renewal example:

You have an active Joan Room subscription with 10 device licenses and a renewal date of 1.1.2024. You will be adding new meeting rooms and want to purchase additional 5 devices with licenses on e.g. 15.3.2023.


You will reach out to your reseller to purchase a prepaid subscription code.

After the payment is processed, you will receive a pre-paid code which you will enter into Joan Portal. Per request, we can also enter the code directly into your account on our end to simplify the process. The subscription plan and quantity of licenses will be automatically updated in the Joan portal. There will be 2 different renewal dates. The billing overview will be as follows:

Total Available licenses: 15

Next renewal date for initial 10 device licenses: 1.1.2024

Next renewal date for additionally purchased 5 device licenses: the date when a pre-paid code is redeemed (e.g. 22.3.2024)

If you encounter any issues, please contact