Advanced Analytics - Meetings, people and rooms

If you want to use advanced analytics to see the metrics of people, meetings, and rooms, you can easily see them in your Joan Portal. 

Navigate to the “Analytics” menu at the top of the page. You will automatically see the overview. On the left-hand side menu, you have three additional overviews. 

You can set the date range or filter by room or building.

Analytics "Meetings" 

This option allows you to learn more about the number of meetings your organization has, how much time they take, and which booking method is more frequent.

The features you can see under this option are:

  • The total amount of hours spent in meetings
  • Planned meetings
  • Total number of meetings
  • Total number of booked, but unattended meetings
  • Total number of meetings in the selected period compared to the previous
  • Total number of meetings by room in the selected period
  • Time saved by early-ended meetings
  • Type of meetings by method (planned or ad-hoc)
  • Type of meetings by occurrence (recurring or one-time)

Analytics “People”

Here you can track the time spent on meetings, who had the most and the least amount, and see who are the employees that are least likely to attend a booked meeting.

The features you can see under this option are:

  • Average meetings per employee
  • Average time spent on meetings
  • A person with the most booked meetings
  • A person with the most unattended meetings
  • Number of meetings in the current date range per employee

You can also see the following data, per person:

  • Average meeting duration
  • Total number of meetings
  • Number of meetings as attendees
  • Number of unattended meetings

Analytics “Room” 

This feature helps you track the use of your meeting rooms. You can free up spaces that are overbooked and track the overall popularity of individual rooms.

In this feature you can see:

  • Number of meeting rooms
  • Most booked room
  • Least utilized room
  • Average room occupancy
  • Room occupancy rate
  • Number of meetings
  • Daily occupancy rate (in hours)
  • Meeting room utilization - Correlation between room fullness, room occupancy rate, and room size
  • Number of meetings over time


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