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Cleaning button on Joan 6 devices

Want the option of having a clear indication on Joan’s screen when was the meeting room last cleaned? 

How to activate this feature? 

Open your Joan Portal account and navigate to Settings > Device Settings > Find the “Cleaned” option under Global device settings and toggle to the right to enable it for all Joan 6 devices. 

Frame 29

How does it work?

By clicking this button on the device, the user is confirming that the meeting room was cleaned and is ready to be used again. This button will replace the standard “Meet Later” button on your screen and will display a timestamp each time it is used. The button can also be used if you have the touch screen disabled on Joan. 

This feature can be set also as a building or device-specific setting. Allowing you to further customize your office experience. To learn more about these levels of settings, click here.

See the example below:

Frame 30-1

If you encounter any issues, please contact support@getjoan.com.