Display technology of Joan devices

All Joan devices feature E Ink® electronic paper screens which offer unparalleled energy efficiency. No other display technology (for example, LED or LCD) comes even close.

Aside from the exceptionally long battery life, Joan devices have a 180° viewing angle and an anti-glare hard-coated front-surface, making the displays glare-free and light-pollution-free.

As such, they are easy on the eyes and readable even under fluorescent office lights.

Joan display technical specifications:



Joan 6

Joan 13

Display type

Interactive full capacitive touchscreen E Ink® electronic paper screen

Non-touch E Ink® Carta electronic paper screen

Screen size

6 in (15.24 cm)

13.3 in (33.78 cm)

Screen resolution

1024 x 758 px

1600 x 1200 px

Touchscreen capability



Viewing angle



Active area (H/W)

3.57 x 4.82 in (90.581 x 122.368 mm)

10.64 x 7.98 in (270.4 x 202.8 mm)

Pixel pitch (H/W)

0.005 x 0.005 in (0.1195 x 0.1195 mm) equivalent to 212 ppi

0.006 x 0.006 in (0.169 x 0.169 mm) equivalent to 150 ppi

Pixel configuration



Color depth

16-bit grayscale

16-bit grayscale

Refresh rate

  • 750 ms (4-bit full screen)
  • 100 ms (1-bit partial)
  • 750 ms (4-bit full screen)
  • 100 ms (1-bit partial)

Power consumption

Ultra low

Ultra low

Touch responsiveness of electronic paper

Please note that because of the energy-saving properties of Joan’s display, it might take the touchscreen a moment to respond to a touch command.

This is because of the way electronic paper works. When displaying a static image, an e-paper display uses no electricity whatsoever and is in resting mode. When the image changes, however, the display is reactivated and the screen content refreshed. This means that any touch command will in essence "wake up" Joan, which might require a few moments.