How to connect a device to the server?

Aside from connecting to your Wi-Fi network, each Joan device needs to connect to a Visionect Software Suite (VSS) server to operate and interact with your calendar. The VSS is hosted in the cloud server.

Cloud server

At the moment, the VSS servers are available in the following locations worldwide:

  • Brussels, Belgium (Europe) x2
  • Oregon, United States of America (West US)
  • South Carolina, United States of America (East US) x2
  • Hong Kong (Asia)

By default, the nearest server to you will be chosen. However, you may select a different location of the server, but this might result in some decrease in performance.

You can change the selected server by following these steps:

  1. Run the Joan Configurator
      • If you are using Windows or macOS, simply run the file. 
      • If you are using Linux, follow these steps:
        • Open the Terminal
        • Navigate to the destination folder where you downloaded the file. For example
          cd Downloads
        • Run the Joan Configurator as a superuser with the following command
          sudo ./JoanConfigurator_linux
  1. Connect the Joan device to your computer with the provided Micro USB cable
  2. Once connected, click the “Configure” button in the bottom-right corner of the window
  3. Click “More options
  4. Under the “JOAN HOSTING” section, select your desired server
  5. Click “Save




And that’s it! 

If you would like to configure your device via the mobile Joan Configurator, please check the instructions here.


If you encounter any issues, please contact