How to display custom content on a Joan device

This article includes instructions on how to set custom content for a specific devices.

To learn more about custom content, please click here.

Once you have at least one custom content layout created, you can assign it to your Joan device(s) and have them display your desired message or photo(s) instead of the default functionalities. In order to do so, simply follow the steps listed below.

Please note this feature isn't available on the Joan 6 Pro and Joan RE devices. 

How to display custom content on a Joan device

  1. Log in to Joan Portal with your account credentials
  2. Navigate to the “Manage” page via the top navigation menu
  3. Select “Custom content” from the left-hand side menu
  4. A list of all your custom content interfaces will appear. Click on the custom content interface you wish to display on your device
  5. Navigate to the “Active devices” section on the page of that specific custom content interface and click the “Change” button on the right
  6. Select one or multiple devices on which you wish to display this custom content interface and click “OK
  7. Optionally, you can also set a schedule for when you wish for this content to be displayed by clicking the “Change” button in the “Set custom content schedule” section and inputting your preferred dates and times
  8. Finally, click “Save

And that’s it! Your device will shortly after refresh with the latest settings and begin displaying your custom content.

If you wish to remove the custom content interface from your device, click here to find out how.



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