How to enable or disable visitor arrival SMS notifications

Prepare your account for the SMS notifications

For the SMS notification to work each employee needs to have their phone number entered

To do so, log in to and navigate to Settings -> Account -> click "Edit" and make sure that the phone number is filled in for the user that will be assigned as the host.

In order to receive the SMS notifications on the correct phone number, you will need to add the "Host" field in the Device Settings by clicking "Add field" and selecting "Host". Once the field is created, we recommend checking the "Required" box, as this ensures that every visitor fills this in. Otherwise, if a visitor does not fill in the Host field, you will not receive the SMS notification.


Enable the Visitor arrival SMS notifications

By enabling the Visitor arrival SMS notifications, you will receive an SMS notification once the visitor has checked in. The SMS notification will contain the name of the visitor, to which building the visitor has arrived at and the time and date of the arrival.

To enable the Visitor arrival SMS notifications please follow these steps:

  • Log in to
  • Click on Settings -> Visitors -> General Settings
  • Make sure that you are configuring the correct building, which can be selected in the drop down menu next to the "Enable Visitor Management toggle button.
  • Enable general notifications and tick the Visitor arrival SMS notifications box and hit Save.


Disable the Visitor arrival SMS notifications

Users may also disable this functionality on their own account by navigating to Settings -> Visitor -> selecting the notifications they wish to receive, if any at all.