How to remove the magnetic mount from a Joan device

Note: Devices can be mounted at a maximum height of 2m.

Found a better place for your Joan device? Are you moving offices and need to remove the magnetic mount? No problem!

To do so, all you will need is a cleaning solution for the surface in question (wood, glass, etc.) and a scraping tool. Simply soak the magnet with your cleaning solution and remove it with the help of the scraping tool. If there is sticky residue upon removing it, remove it with the cleaning solution.

When replacing the magnetic mount or your device with the new pair, make sure to replace the magnet on the back of the Joan device as well. Otherwise, the magnetic bond might not be strong enough to keep the Joan device in place. 

Should you find yourself needing additional magnetic mounts or a more secure wall mount, we have you covered. Check out all our mounting solutions here.