Subscription information for resellers

As a reseller of Joan products, you may have questions about how the Joan Portal admin account works for end customers and what you can expect in regard to billing.

Q: Will the end customer see pricing details?

A: No. As long as the customer selects the preferred payment method as Paying via a reseller, they will not be shown any pricing information.

Q: Will end customers receive any invoices?

A: No. Invoices will not be sent to the end customer. As the reseller, you will need to handle billing and payments directly with the end customer.

Q: Will I receive alerts if there are any issues with the subscription?

A: Yes, you will receive alerts from the bouncer if there are any issues with the subscription.

Q: How often will email reminders be sent to me and the end customer?

A: Reminders will be sent 45, 30, 14, and 7 days prior to the renewal date, but only if the subscription has not been renewed.

Q: Will customers receive Joan credits? 

No. Joan Credits will not be used anymore and will be replaced with a device or user license. Each device or user is assigned a license which is activated with a pre-paid code. For more details, visit this article.

Q: How does the pre-paid code system work?

A: We will manually issue a pre-paid code for subscriptions. Each code, when entered in the Joan Portal, creates a new non-renewing subscription based on the code (subscription plan and number of units). Codes are created in the same way for renewal, first-time purchases, and additional unit purchases. The subscription activates when a pre-paid code is entered. Customers will have multiple billing dates, based on when they will enter their pre-paid code.

Q: Can subscriptions be purchased for multiple years at once?

A: Yes, subscriptions can be purchased for multiple years at once. For example, you could purchase a 10-device Enterprise subscription for three years.

Q: Can an end-customer have different levels of subscription for the same solution (e.g. Room Enterprise and Professional)? 

No. End-customers can have only 1 level of subscription for each solution. They would need to create a separate Joan Portal account should they want to have 2 different subscription types.

Other important changes:

  • If a customer purchases 100 licenses - all 100 licenses will be used/accredited immediately, even if they don't have 100 users/devices active at the time. In case they remove a user or device, the license is freed-up for somebody else to use. 

  • Automatic user license deactivation - User licenses will get automatically unassigned from a user when they’re not using the service (not opening Joan web or mobile app) for more than 60 days.


Renewal example:

You have a customer that has an active Joan Room subscription with 10 device licenses and a renewal date of 1.1.2024. They will be adding new meeting rooms and want to purchase additional 5 devices with licenses on e.g. 15.3.2023.


You will reach out to the distributor or Joan Sales agent for additional licenses you're about to purchase on behalf of the customer. You will receive a PI for 5x yearly Joan Room subscription licenses.

After the payment is processed, you will receive a pre-paid code (as you did now) which the customer will enter into Joan Portal. Per request, we can also enter the code directly into the customer’s account on our end to simplify the process. The subscription plan and quantity of licenses will be automatically updated in the Joan portal. There will be 2 different renewal dates. The billing overview will be as follows:

Total Available licenses: 15

Next renewal date for initial 10 device licenses: 1.1.2024

Next renewal date for additionally purchased 5 device licenses: the date when a pre-paid code is redeemed (e.g. 22.3.2024)


In case you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via