Instructions for Joan Desk Booking app users

Joan Desk Booking app will help you manage your desk schedule in the office. It’s extremely easy to use both for quick ad-hoc bookings or for planning your monthly schedule.

What is the Joan Desk Booking App?

The Joan Desk Booking app is a simple and easy-to-use app that allows you to book seats directly from your phone. In addition, we also provide an office dashboard that clearly shows who’s in the office each day and enables managers to book time slots for individual teams. Users can be assigned different permissions, based on their role. You can easily check it here.


Start using the app now!

You can now book your desk from your phone, which means that you have a designated space at the office where you can work. This also allows team members to alternate between working from home and the workplace in the simplest possible way.

The app is available in the app stores:

When you have the app downloaded, open it, and type in your email address. (please ensure that you have been added to the admin portal by your administrator)

After that, you will receive an activation code to your email inbox, please enter it into the app. 

You have two options for booking a desk:

How to book a desk using the phone application

1. When you wish to book a desk, simply click on the “Desk” button.


2. Choose a day and time slot (if multiple choices are available) and click the “PICK YOUR DESK” button. If you’re interested in adding a booking way in advance see Using web app section.                 2022-03-21_18-35                  2022-03-21_18-32                   


3. Choose a Building and floor (if multiple choices are available). A floor plan will appear.



4. Choose the desk you wish to have (gree desks are still available, red ones are already booked) and confirm your booking.


On the home screen of the app, you are able to see an overview of all booked days and desks.


How to cancel/edit a reservation

1. Select the reservation from the home screen. 



2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner



3. You can decide whether you want to edit or cancel your reservation



If you click Edit, you have the option to change the location, date and time, and the desk itself.


Using the Office Portal to book desks

The Office Portal web app provides a calendar interface that allows you to edit the schedule of your desk bookings well in advance as well as browse when people plan to be present in the office. 

1. Log in to the app

Access and select either the magic link log-in (this will generate a password that is sent directly to your email for one-time use) or one of the single sign-on integrations that we offer (Google or Office365).

image (2)


2. Browse bookings (by desks and people)



3. Create a booking via Floor plan



  • The green dots represent free desks whereas the red dots represent booked desks.
  • Click on the desk and enter the required information


You can also make a booking under “Manage” -> “Desks” or “People”, by clicking on a preferred day.


4. Delete a booking

You can delete a booking by navigating to the reserved desk and clicking on the Delete button.




If you encounter any issues, please contact