Joan Credits

Joan Credits are an alternative solution to paying your subscription if you are not able to pay with your credit card.

Think of them as virtual prepaid cards. You top-up your account with a certain amount and you will receive a 1:1 equivalent of the selected currency in Joan Credits which you will be able to use for your subscription however you wish, whether it is upgrading to a new plan, adding a new device or just switching from a monthly to a yearly billing period.

We have prepared a few questions and answers to help you understand what Joan Credits are and how they work a bit better:

How do I acquire Joan Credits?

In order to purchase Joan Credits, you will need to contact our sales team or your preferred reseller. They will provide you with a code which you will be able to redeem in your Joan Portal.

To reach our sales team, simply send an email to and let them know you wish to purchase Joan Credits.

How do I top up my account with Joan Credits?

Once you have purchased Joan Credits and were provided with a code by our sales team, you can now redeem it in the Joan Portal in order to top up your account.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Joan Portal account with your account credentials
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” page via the top navigation menu
  3. Select “Plans & Billing” from the left-hand side menu
  4. Under the “Joan Credits” section, there will be a field in which you can input your new code
  5. Once the code is typed in, click “Redeem
  6. The Joan Portal will process the code and once successful, will refresh the page with your updated account balance

How do I track my current balance?

Your account balance is visible in the “Billing Information” section of the “Plans & Billing” settings page. To visit this page, click here.

In the “Billing Information” section, you will notice three breakdowns:

Account balance

This will provide an overview of funds transferred into your account via top-ups, freebies or plan-change adjustments.

The funds will be divided based on their source and currency:

  • Topped up: X USD & Y EUR
  • Promo credits: X USD & Y EUR

The topped-up amount is the amount added via offline payments, while promo credits are the amount gathered through promotions and were free for you to acquire.

Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 13.01.52

History of account top-ups

This section will contain a table that provides an overview of all top-ups done to your account.

The list breaks down the entries based on:

  • Code
  • Amount
  • Activation date
  • Type of code

Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 13.01.59

List of redeemed codes

Another list, but this one helps you keep track of all your redeemed codes.

The following information is provided for each code:

  • Code
  • Number of devices paired / Total number of allowed devices
  • Code expiration date
  • Duration of the code

Can I refund my Joan Credits?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive a refund for Joan Credits. Once you purchased a certain amount, you will have to use it. But, how you use it, is completely up to you - whether it is for a monthly Professional subscription or a yearly Enterprise plan.

What happens when I add or remove a device or user inside the billing cycle?

We call this “Prorated charge”. A full explanation of this can be found here. The same logic applies to all Joan solutions and all payment types (credit card or Joan Credits). Practically this is what happens:

Example A

Subscription plan: Joan Room booking plan 

Price: $10/device/year

Quantity: 3 devices

Total yearly cost: $30

Next billing date: 1.1.2022

Payment type: credit card

Today is the 2nd of July 2021 (at half of the year) and the user buys 3 additional units (in total they have 6 devices). They connect it to the account. What happens with their billing?

Since the next billing date is slated for 1.1.2022 they will pay only the prorated amount until that day - effectively that is 50% - $5/device. So a customer will immediately get billed $15 that will be taken down from their credit card.

On 1.1.2022 they will get billed fully for all 6 devices - $60. Those devices will be billed for a full year, with the next billing date slated for 1.1.2023.

On the 2nd of July 2022, they decide to remove 3 devices. In total, they remain to have 3 devices connected to their account. Since they removed devices in the middle of the billing period, we return them the amount until the next billing cycle - $30 will be added as Joan credits on their account. In case they re-add those devices we won’t charge their credit card but take the money from the remaining Joan Credits.

Example B

Subscription plan: Joan room booking plan 

Price: $5/device/year

Quantity: 10 devices

Total yearly cost: $50

Next billing date: 1.1.2022

Joan Credits state: $0

Payment type: Joan Credits

In this second use case, a customer will be paying all the subscription charges with Joan Credits. Credits are issued to their account when they pay via PI.

Their current status of Joan Credits on their account is $0. They already used all the credits to pay for 10 devices in the previous billing cycle. To specify - they bought the first batch of 10 devices on 1.1.2021 along with a yearly subscription - $50 worth of Joan credits (10 devices, $5 each for Standard subscription).

Right now we’re at the half of the year, the 2nd of July 2021. They buy another 10 devices, along with a 10x Yearly Standard subscription ($50 worth of Joan credits).

They connect new 10 devices and apply Joan credits (50$) to their account. After invoiced their new account status is as follows:

Quantity: 20 devices

Total yearly cost: $100

Next billing date: 1.1.2022

Joan Credits state: $25

Explanation: Since we’re in the middle of the year, we bill a prorated charge ($2.5/device). They have 10 devices, so we invoice them for $25. Since their payment is done via Joan Credits, we deduct $25 from their account.

At the next billing date, 1.1.2022, they’re invoiced fully for all 20 devices. We issue them an invoice for $100. While their account only has $25 of Joan Credits left, their invoice remains unpaid, with outstanding debt of $75.


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