Joan Desk booking analytics - Early access

Companies that are returning to the office and planning their hybrid work require data regarding the process. The need to understand how many desks are being used, what trends they can observe, and how the policies they put in place impact the process. We have prepared an early version of the analytics dashboard for the Joan desk booking app to answer all these questions. The dashboard is available upon request. If you wish to access your own early-stage version, please reach out to



The Early Access Program version of desk analytics provides information:

  • % of desks occupied on a given day

  • % of desks occupied per day of the week

  • % of desks occupied per location

  • % days working from the office per week (number of days booked against the number of all non-weekend days)

  • % days working

You can:

  • filter data per location

  • filter data by timeframe

  • download the data in the reports for future analysis


For more information or to activate your dashboard, please reach out to