Office 365 - German Edition (

While you are able to pair your Joan account with Office 365 German edition, this has to be done using the Exchange calendar option instead, due to different endpoints.

To achieve this, please follow the steps below:

  1. If the user was newly created with a temporary password, you are first required to set up a new password. For that, please log in to e.g. Outlook Web App at
    At the login, you will be prompted to replace the current, temporary password.

  2. After that has been done, you can continue with the onboarding process at MyJoan.
    Since German Office365 has different endpoints you are required to select the Exchange calendar instead.

    Here you are required to enter the following information:
    Exchange Server URL: e.g.
    Exchange Username/Email: e.g. 
    Exchange password: <the password set for this user>

  3. Pairing should be successful so you should be able to add room resources that this user has access to.
    To give full read/write access to the user you wish to pair to the MyJoan account, please follow this guide: Delegated user

    Please note, that you will likely need to use a different Exchange Admin Center URL ( and log in there with an admin account, so you will be able to delegate user rights correctly.

  4. After the rights are delegated to the Joan user it is usually best to wait a few hours for rights to take full effect. After that, you can add a room resource to the MyJoan account manually. If the read and write access rights are granted, the room will be added to the list.