Preparing Office 365 and connecting it with Joan

Preparing the Office 365 calendar for use 

Before pairing Joan with your Office 365 calendar, you will need to make sure that your calendar supports Joan’s functionality in 3 easy steps:

Make sure you have the correct admin rights to manage your calendar.

  1. How to create a Room resource in Office 365.
  2. Edit the properties of your new room resources.
  3. Connect Joan with Global Delegated User

Edit the properties of your new room resources

Once your room resource has been created, you will need to edit some of the resource’s properties for Joan to display your meetings correctly.

The default setting in Office 365 is that it shows the name of the organizer instead of the actual event title for the events scheduled. To fix this, run the Windows PowerShell as Administrator and follow the steps below.
Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell using multi-factor authentication

If you want to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to connect to Exchange Online PowerShell, you can't use the instructions at Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell to use remote PowerShell to connect to Exchange Online. MFA requires you to install the Exchange Online Remote PowerShell Module, and use the Connect-EXOPSSession cmdlet to connect.

To find out more on how to connect to the Online PowerShell with MFA please follow this link here.
Azure Active Directory Module1

Enter the following command:

$UserCredential = Get-Credential


A dialogue box should appear asking for your credentials. Enter your Office 365 login information.

Azure Active Directory Module2


After that, run the following command:

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $UserCredential -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection



Import-PSSession $Session


Should an error message appear (written in the red text as shown in the image below), run the following command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned


Azure Active Directory Module3

When prompted for input, type y, and press enter. Then run:

Import-PSSession $Session


Enter the last command: ("Or jump to this step if you do not get an error message as shown in the previous picture.")

Get-MailBox –Identity <roomresource@email> | Set-CalendarProcessing -AddOrganizerToSubject $false -DeleteSubject $false -DeleteComments $false


This will allow Joan to correctly retrieve a meeting’s title and description for every room resource, displaying the correct name for all events scheduled on the room calendar.
**Please note that <roomresource@email> means to enter the email of your Room.


To hide the private meetings, please execute the following command:

Get-MailBox –Identity <roomresource@email> | Set-CalendarProcessing -AddOrganizerToSubject $false -DeleteSubject $false -DeleteComments $false -RemovePrivateProperty $false

Please note that <roomresource@email> means to enter the email of your Room, and only newly created meetings will reflect the changes.


After preparing the Office 365 calendar for Joan, log into the Joan Portal to pair Joan with your calendar.

At the "Calendar" step, select Office 365. Choose between signing in with Global Admin rights or as a delegated user. Find out more about the two different permissions here.


If you encounter any issues, please contact