Security and data protection

We take your privacy very seriously and take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of data.

The Visionect Software Suite hosts Joan devices in the cloud and partially manages on-premises devices. It enables user access to the MyJoan account, which is additionally safeguarded to secure device settings and protect from unauthorized access. User information, such as usernames and passwords, are stored in our database in encrypted form for added security. No worries, no information is or will be shared or sold to third parties.

Communication between Joan devices, the MyJoan account, and the online calendar is managed through official, standard calendar APIs and authentications with access granted and certain credentials stored in encrypted form for certain calendars.

No calendar or event information is stored on our servers. The server only stores the email of the room's resource, all other information is gained through an API call, parsed, and sent directly to the device. This information is temporarily stored in our cache, just to make sure the events are still displayed even if the calendar service experiences a downtime. Such information is never stored in our database.

The data stored in our cache persists only in the memory until the services restart and/or data are evicted from the cache due to memory limitations. We will fetch the data from your servers at least every 5 minutes (or more often if needed) to update the local cache. There is no time limit (expiry date) on how long the data is stored in the memory. Our servers are not perpetually running and are regularly restarted due to scaling, updates, and other service activities, but there is no set schedule for this.

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For more detailed information, review our Privacy Policy here or visit the Security page of our website.