"Warm welcome email" feature

The "Warm welcome" feature creates a wonderful visitor experience and eliminates any frustration your guests might have before arriving at your office, as it provides:

  • Directions on how to reach your office
  • Instructions on whom to call if they need any additional assistance
  • And a personal message to make the guest feel welcome

So, if you have frequent meetings with people outside of your company or simply wish to greet your next guest, the "Warm welcome" feature is perfect for you.

Instructions on how to set it up:

  1. Log in to the Joan Portal account with your account credentials
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” page via the top navigation menu
  3. Select “Warm Welcome” from the left-hand side menu
  4. Toggle the “Enable Warm Welcome” feature.
  5. Once successful, a form will appear on the page. Fill in the following information:
    • Your office address
    • Front desk contact (Name, phone, and email)
    • Custom message

When you are happy with all of the information you inputted, click “Save

Aside from the office address, all of the fields are optional.

If you wish to exclude your coworkers or any other attendees from receiving these emails, type in their email domain in the dedicated field under the “Advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.

If there are multiple email domains you wish to exclude, you can add more than one in the field, but make sure to separate them with a comma. For example: yourdomain.com, gmail.com, etc.

The "Warm Welcome" email will be sent out one day before the meeting to all external meeting attendees. If you schedule a meeting less than 24 hours prior to the event, the email will be sent to them immediately.

You can also always send out a test email, to see how it looks and if you missed some information.

For an example of how the "warm welcome" email looks like, see the image below: