Inviting Visitors

In order to efficiently manage visitors on-site, you can send them the invitation and book the meeting in advance. Of course, visitors have the option to arrive on-site and request an ad-hoc appointment with a known host. 

You will need to enable the visitor management option at your Joan Desk Booking Application. To ensure a smooth experience, we suggest you print the QR code you see on that page so the visitor can scan it upon arrival.

The visitor is invited by a host

  1. Visit the Joan Desk Booking Application
  2. Make sure that the Visitor Management option is enabled
  3. Click on the “Manage” at the top of the page
  4. Choose “Visitors” from the menu on the left-hand side
  5. Click on the "New appointment". You will be able to add the meeting date and time. Make sure you entered the valid visitor email, as he will get an email notification with the PIN code 

    Screenshot from 2021-04-07 12-25-49

  6. When the visitor arrives and scans the QR code, he will be prompted to insert the PIN code he received in the email
  7. Visitor fills a health survey
  8. Based on the answers, the visitor is permitted or denied entry
  9. If you selected the option to be notified, a notification to the host will be sent.


The visitor wants an ad-hoc appointment with a known host

If an unexpected visitor comes to the office, he has the option to request an appointment. It means that he will be able to follow the check-in procedure, which includes filling in the health survey as well. 

  1. The visitor arrives at the location and requests an ad-hoc appointment by opening a link provided by a QR code. 

    Screenshot from 2021-04-07 12-13-16

  2. The visitor enters the personal information and email of the host to meet with

    Screenshot from 2021-04-07 12-15-53
  3. The visitor will be prompted to fill out a health survey
  4. Based on the answers, the visitor is permitted or denied entry 


If you encounter any issues, please contact