System requirements for on-premises servers

Joan devices are thin clients and rely on the Visionect Software Suite (VSS) server for any computing power.

If you opted to host the VSS server on-premises, it is crucial that your server infrastructure and virtual machine have the necessary available resources in order to ensure the flawless operation of the Joan devices.

The following virtual machine hypervisor solutions are supported:

In addition, the virtual machine you’ll be running is 64-bit. So, you will need a computer with VT-x support. VT-x support is almost standard on any modern CPU, but it is usually disabled by the manufacturer in the computer BIOS settings. Please make sure you have VT-x enabled. Changing the virtual machine to 32-bit will prevent it from starting.

The two key resources for your server are CPUs and available RAM.

Please follow the table below in order to estimate how many CPUs you will need.

Number of devices hosted on the server

Number of CPUs required

From 10 to 20 devices


From 21 to 50 devices


From 51 to 100 devices


From 101 to 350 devices


From 350 to 700 devices


When it comes to RAM, each device requires approximately 220 MB, and an additional 2,000 MB is required for a stable VSS server. Please use the following formula to calculate the RAM requirement for your system.

(# of devices * 220 MB) + 2,000 MB

For example:

30 devices * 220 MB RAM = 6,600 MB RAM (for the devices) + 2,000 MB (for stable VSS running)

Based on these values, this system requires a total of 9 GB of RAM and 4 CPUs.