What's new with MyJoan?

We're aiming to improve and unify your workplace experience. Joan will become MyJoan. A place where you can seamlessly interact with all your workplace solutions.

Overview Page

Stay informed with a comprehensive overview of all available solutions and see at a glance which ones you're currently using.


Rooms Page

Manage your devices and rooms with ease. Our simplified overview ensures you can handle all room-related tasks efficiently.


Integrations Page

  • Presence Detection: Seamlessly integrate with Cisco Webex and Jabra to enhance your presence detection capabilities.
  • Calendars: Effortlessly connect your calendar to keep your schedule synchronized and up-to-date.
  • Chat Bots: Integrate with Slack or Teams for enhanced communication and productivity.
  • SCIM Provisioning: Enable SCIM provisioning to streamline user management and improve security.


Plans and Billing Page

Get a clear picture of all your active subscriptions and available licenses. Managing your plans and billing has never been this straightforward.


QR Code Check-In

We've made checking in to your desk reservation quicker and easier. Simply scan a QR code to confirm your presence. For more information on how to set the QR code check-in, please visit our knowledge base article here.