Custom content interface on Joan devices

From a slideshow to a welcome message, the Custom content feature allows you to display any image or text in a variety of different layouts and options on your Joan devices.

Please note this feature is available on the Joan 6 and Joan 13 devices only.

For instructions on how to manage custom content, click the links below:

There is a total of eight layouts that can display three types of content:

  • Gallery
  • Text
  • Web page

Gallery allows you to upload one or more images and if multiple images are uploaded, you can set the time for the slideshow. Please keep in mind that the images will be displayed in a 16-bit grayscale colour scheme on the Joan 6 and Joan 13 devices and that the supported image formats are .jpeg and .png.

Text allows you to input any additional information about the resource or notification for your coworkers and guests using standard text formatting options.

Web page allows you to enter the web page that you want to display on your Joan device. The web page will be embedded inside an iFrame and displayed on the device. Not all web pages support that.

If your selected layout has more than one option, you can have any possible combination of the two content types.

Room booking information allows you to display your custom content next to the booking information.

Custom content is available for all Joan devices even Joan on displays. On Joan 6 and Joan 13, the images will be displayed in a 16-bit grayscale colour scheme, while Joan on displays will present the text and images in their original colour.


If you encounter any issues, please contact