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How to mount a Joan device to a wall or door

Joan devices are completely cordless and can be attached to any surface with a custom Magnetic Mount included with each device. This allows for a simple, hassle-free, easy installation with no expensive wiring or hidden costs. 

You can attach Joan devices to any firm, even surface you want – be it glass, brick or wood. As long as your plaster isn’t peeling or flaking off or the wall hasn’t been repainted too many times, you’re good to go. Devices can be mounted at a maximum height of 2m.

Also, make sure your chosen spot is clean. Please note that using cleaning agents to clean the surface before attaching the magnet will weaken the adhesive. Only ever use rubbing alcohol or water.

Instructions on how to attach your Joan device can be found below:

Magnetic mount Instructions

Before placing the magnetic mount on your desired location, you will first need to clean the surface. For that you will need:

  • Rubbing alcohol or water
  • A soft cloth for cleaning

While cleaning the surface, we recommend taking the magnetic mount outside of the box and allowing it to reach room temperature (this should take no longer than 3 hours).

Now that you have the surface cleaned and your magnetic mount has reached room temperature, it’s time to attach it.

  1. Detach the top magnet from the device and peel off the protective sheet
  2. Stick the adhesive side onto the chosen surface. Make sure to firmly press every inch against the surface.
    The adhesive used is very strong, but if it is not firmly attached to the surface it will fail, resulting in a dropped and potentially broken device.
  3. Wait 30 minutes for the adhesive to set before use
  4. Attach the device to the magnet and easily detach it for charging

 You can also follow the visual instructions or our tutorial video below:

If you'd like to remove the magnetic mount, read more here.

Attaching Joan on plaster or painted walls?

If you’re attaching Joan on walls made of plaster, make sure the surface isn’t uneven or bumpy, since in that case, the magnet might not stick properly.

Ready to mount your new device? Follow these instructions:

  • Clean the surface as much as possible (at least with a dry cloth to remove dust).
  • Attach the magnet onto the surface, firmly pressing every point so it sticks.
  • Allow for 30 minutes before you attach Joan to the wall to avoid the magnet peeling off the paint under the weight of the device.

If the walls have been repainted a number of times, this surface might not be the best option to fix the magnetic mount on since the magnet might peel off the paint, resulting in your Joan device ending up on the floor. Consider using the Secure Wall Mount for your device for a secure mounting option.

Alternative mounting options

Aside from the magnetic mount, Joan devices also allow for a few other mounting options. Such as:

  • Secure wall mounts
  • Desk stand

To learn more, click here.


If you encounter any issues, please contact support@getjoan.com.