What is Joan and how does it work?

Joan is a versatile solution designed to enhance efficiency in modern offices, simplifying various aspects of workspace management.

Our Solutions include:

Room booking

Joan simplifies and optimizes the booking process for office spaces, meeting rooms, and conference rooms by seamlessly integrating your company's existing calendar with your physical rooms. Utilizing the Joan device, each room is equipped with an E-paper tablet displaying its availability. Employees can conveniently view and book rooms directly from their company's calendar.

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Learn more about room booking: A complete guide to get started with Joan

Desk & Asset booking

Our Desk & Asset booking solution allows you to efficiently manage your workspace resources. Easily upload your office floor plan and designate desks, assets, amenities, and parking spaces for reservation. With a user-friendly interface, setting up and booking resources is quick and straightforward, accessible through the Joan app on employees' phones.

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Learn more about desk & asset booking:

Visitor management

Enhance your visitor management process with our comprehensive solution. From sending invitations to checking in guests upon arrival, Joan provides an all-in-one system for efficient visitor management.

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