A complete guide to get started with Joan

First time setting up Joan for your office? You are in the right place! This guide will help you get up and running in no time.

There are five major steps in the Joan setup process:


  1. Create a Joan Portal account
  2. Select your Joan solution
  3. Select your calendar solution
  4. Add rooms and resources
  5. Pair your device

Before you start, please make sure that your Wi-Fi meets Joan’s network requirements. You can find them here.

Create a Joan Portal account

First, we need you to create a Joan Portal account.

What is the Joan Portal? It is a dashboard where you are able to manage every aspect of your Joan system, such as managing devices and room resources, enabling and disabling certain features, and controlling your subscription plan and billing information.

As only one email address can be connected to a Joan Portal account, we suggest that you use an email address that is available to everyone who might need to access the Joan Portal, for example, joanportal@yourdomain.com.

The other variable which you will need to enter in order to create an account is your new password.

While we only require your password to be at least 6 characters, we recommend using a combination of upper and lower case characters and numbers to ensure the safety of your account.

Once you have entered your email, password, and confirmed your password, read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before agreeing to them.

If you agree to our policies, simply check the little square and click the "Sign up" button and move on to the next step.


Select your Joan solution

Joan is available for personal use as Joan Home or company use as Joan Office. As soon as you create the Joan portal account you are able to select one of the two options in the onboarding menu seen below. As soon as you click on one of the solutions, the continue button should become available. 




Please note: the main difference between Joan Office and Joan Home is in the functions they provide -> Joan Office offers more functions, whereas Joan Home has a simpler interface. 


Select your calendar solution

Now that we have met each other, it is time for you to connect your preferred calendar solution to your Joan Portal.

At the moment, Joan supports the following calendar solutions:

For detailed instructions on how to create and connect calendars to your Joan Portal, please click on the links for your preferred solution in the list above.

Please keep in mind that only one calendar solution can be connected to a Joan Portal account at a time. 

Make sure that the calendar account allows Joan edit permissions and that the account you are connecting to the Portal has the correct permissions to that calendar.


Add rooms and resources

These are the resource calendars that you wish Joan to display and help you keep track of. They can be either a meeting room, a desk, or any other resource that is being shared and needs to be managed.

Joan will automatically scan your calendar account to see if you have any rooms or resources available to sync with.



Please note: Clicking Autoscan rooms will pick up all room resources (for which you have the correct permissions) from your calendar, and add them to your Joan portal account. This can cause unpleasantries, especially if you have, for example, 50+ rooms, but only want 7 rooms in the Joan portal.


If the resource does not show up, you might want to add it manually by clicking “+Add a room” and inputting the calendar’s email / ID. 

Once you have added or selected a room resource, you can also customize and provide more information about the resources you wish to connect to your Joan Portal with options such as:

  • Room name
  • Capacity
  • Amenities
  • Building
  • Floor

Keep in mind that some of these options are limited to Professional and Enterprise subscription plans.

If you do not have any resources ready yet, do not worry. You can continue to the next step and add your resources later on in the Joan Portal. 


Pair your device

It is finally time to pair a device to your Joan Portal account. This can be a Joan 6 Pro, Joan 6, or Joan 13 device. You can as well connect your own display via the Joan on Display or Joan on Tablets functionality

  1. The first step is to configure and connect your device to your Wi-Fi network via the Joan Configurator mobile app. For instructions on how to do so, please click here.
  2. After successfully connecting to your Wi-Fi network and disconnecting the Micro-USB cable, a PIN code should appear on the screen of the device. 
  3. Click the “+ Add device” button in the Joan Portal and enter the PIN. Be careful, the PIN code is case-sensitive.
  4. Clicking “Pair device” will lead you to a new “Edit device” screen where you can select the device’s functionality depending on which device you paired. For information on what functionalities are available, click here.
  5. Once you selected the dedicated resource calendar for the specific device, click “Save”. You can now also add more of your devices to your Joan Portal.
  6. If you do not have any more devices, clicking “Next” will finish the onboarding process and you will be transferred to the Joan Portal.

And that’s it! Congratulations on your new Joan Portal account. If this is you are new to the Joan system, you will be provided with a 30-day trial period with all features available. To learn more about the trial period, click here.


If you need any additional assistance, please reach out to support@getjoan.com.