What is the Joan Portal

If you are new to the Joan system, please click here for instructions on how to get started.

Joan Portal is a dashboard that provides control over every aspect of your Joan system such as managing devices and room resources, enabling and disabling certain features, and controlling your subscription plan and billing information.

The two main sections of the Joan Portal are:

Please keep in mind that certain features in the Joan Portal are available only to a specific subscription plan. To learn more about what each plan offers, click here.


In the “Manage” section of the Joan Portal, you have an overview of your:

  • Joan devices
  • Rooms
  • Buildings
  • Creative content

And you are also able to add, edit, or remove any of the listed elements.

For more information on how to do so, click the links below:

In addition, you are also able to set device-specific and building-specific settings in the “Manage” section of the Joan Portal if you are subscribed to the Enterprise Plan

To learn more about the different settings levels, click here.


There are three levels of settings available in the Joan Portal:

The device-specific and building-specific settings are configured in the “Manage” section of the Joan Portal and, in general, allow you to enable/disable features on a specific device or a group of devices.

The global settings, however, are a separate section of the Joan Portal and provide you with complete control over your Joan Portal account - from your account credentials and calendar integration to your subscription and billing information. For an easier overview, the “Settings” page is divided into the following groups:

To learn more about the global Joan Portal settings and how to configure them, click here.

Additional sections

In addition to the two main sections, the Joan Portal has three additional sections:

  • Analytics - Allows you to set up a weekly analytics report
  • Labs - Allows you to sign up to receive access to our BETA features and provide feedback
  • Accessories - Leads you to our website to get you equipped with a brand new wall mount for your Joan device

And also provides useful links to our Joan website, the email where you can reach our support team, our working hours, and plenty more.